Walking Tours of Historic Charleston

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Our Limited Group Tour

$35 per person for a two-hour walking tour that covers the highlights of the historic district


Two-Hour Private Walking Tour

$200 for groups of up to four people


Three-Hour Private Walking Tour

$300 for groups of up to four people


Four-Hour Private Walking Tour

$400 for groups of up to four people


Slavery to Freedom Tour

$200 for a two-hour tour, $300 for a three-hour tour


Experience Charleston

Founded in 1670, Charleston, South Carolina is a city with many stories to be told.  One of the most diverse and unique cities in American history, this is an area that begs to be explored.  Charleston was per capita the richest city in North America by the mid 1700s.  This was the site of one of the earliest victories in the American Revolution, and one of the worst defeats in the history of the American military.  Charleston was the major port for the slave trade in North America, and where the first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter.  The city has witnessed both untold wealth and unimaginable suffering, along with fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and war.  The first historic district in America was started right here, and as a result this is one of the best-preserved cities in the country.  We invite you to experience the whole story and learn about this rich and turbulent history as we explore the grand streets and hidden alleys of the Holy City.

A South Carolina native, I have been giving tours in the city for over twenty years.  I started while I was pursuing my degree in history from the College of Charleston.  I love this city, and I love to share her amazing history with others.  

-Timothy Manley, Owner/Operator


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